November 15, 2008

November 15, 2008

November 15, 2008

The first day of this project I slept four hours, so it only seems fitting that last night I slept four as well… I think it’s actually scarier that this feels normal, whereas the first day I absolutely wanted to die.  At least I’m done!  It was a pretty wonderful note to end on as well, as Sarah is one of those people I have always really enjoyed being around but rarely get to see.  We worked together two summers ago and had a really great time, then spent all of last year periodically talking about how we should get together and never really doing anything about it.

Sarah was originally going to attend the No On Eight rally on campus with me last night and then we were going to have dinner after, but she didn’t end up getting back in time and so I just headed over to her house when it was done.  I was kind of curious if we were going to go out or something since it was Friday night, but when I got there she was watching TV and so we watched some shows about nannying / just talked.  I’d like to point out that I had recently been told by someone that I stayed with that Sarah had a boyfriend, so I got all excited and asked her about it–only to discover they broke up, kind of putting a damper on the beginning of our evening.  I don’t remember who told me that, but apparently they were mistaken.  We talked for probably an hour and then she made me rice and Indian food.  I’m so used to cooking for other people at this point (my other concurrent project) that just sitting there while someone else made me dinner left me slightly antsy.  Only a couple hosts gave me food… it was quite appreciated, especially since she had already eaten.

Sarah’s roommate Erin got home about this time and hung out, watching a show about a pregnant man with us.  They talked about band a lot (I have been pretty entrenched in the band group the last few nights, which also has strong overlap with my coworker group) and that was actually quite interesting, harkening back to my discussion with John about band way back when I stayed at his house.  I don’t really understand much of what they talk about since I am completely disconnected from the UCLA sporting community, but I do know a lot of the same people which keeps it relevant.  Sarah and I had originally been planning on heading to Ralph’s to get stuff for dinner, so we decided to go get some things even though we had both eaten by this point.  We drove down there and Sarah got some of the college staples: pasta, salsa, milk, cereal, etc and I picked up the celebratory Blue Moon, obviously necessary for the last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah in Ralph’s, as this is her first year not in the dorms and she had no idea where anything was… kind of resulting in a lot of fun wandering about, almost driving in the wrong parking lot, etc.  Wooooo.

For some reason Sarah, Erin, and I decided it would be fun to look up the ridiculous adult ads on Craigslist over a beer–mostly because Erin and I didn’t really believe what Sarah was telling us about them.  There they were though, under “therapeutic services.”  We did this for a long time, to the point where it went from kind of funny to just kind of sad… you can only look at so many posts for sexxxei fee33tzzszsz 2 lickee before the humor wears off.  The whole weird fetish thing led directly into pterodactyl porn, which a lovely coworker showed everyone over the summer and is one of the more disturbing things I have ever seen; I’m glad Sarah and Erin can now share in that terrible, terrible memory with me.  At one point Sarah closed the lid of her laptop in the hopes of making it stop, but the sound kept going–actually making things worse.  Sarah also showed us “Green Porno,” which is a woman exploring bug sex and is just hilarious (and appropriate, I promise.)

After moving back to the living room, Sarah and I got really into Kim Possible on Disney… it’s still good six years later.  Erin clearly wasn’t as entertained by our Disney reminiscing as we were (Brink! Xenon! Smart House!) and went to sleep.  Sarah and I stayed up watching Home Improvement, which is also still amazing.  At some point we ended up talking on her bed, where I fell asleep at 5:20 or something terrible like that.  Sarah had to leave at 8:30, which ended the project on the most vulnerable note I think it ever hit… not only was she awake and leaving while I was still asleep (already an uncomfortable situation) but it was her bed, making everything worse.  I was for sure grossly sweaty and I’m sure my breath was terrible, but I’m going to hope that at least I wasn’t drooling… ugh.  I can’t remember the last time I woke up in someone’s bed that I wasn’t dating (not counting the occasional open beds I slept in during this project), the trust issues it brings up are enormous–that moment when you first wake up has got to be the most pathetic moment of anyone’s day and it is not pleasant when people who are fully awake are around.  I ended up sleeping another hour then letting myself out to write this before getting ready for the potluck…

It was a crazy last night and I had a really good time just relaxing with Sarah and Erin; we probably hung out for close to eight hours… definitely the most of any location this project.  Almost time to get back to real life; potluck prep first!


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