November 14, 2008

November 14, 2008

November 14, 2008

I just reread yesterday’s post… I was kind of ridiculous last night.  Oh well.  In keeping with how not worried about finding a place I have been, I didn’t talk to Debi until I was actually on my way to go out with friends.  I figured it was Thursday night, so she probably wasn’t going to sleep very early–which was incorrect.  I guess she had to move her discussion to nine this morning so that she could leave for an ultimate frisbee trip in the afternoon, but told me she would see how late her roommates were going to be up and call me back.  Turns out they were going to sleep early too, but a little bit later… so I needed to be back by 12:15 to get let in.  Debi gave me her roommate Samara’s number (which I incorrectly heard as Tamara) and then I met up with some friends at a bar in Westwood, where I actually saw one of Ashley’s really friendly roommates from a few days ago (I didn’t catch her name that night and didn’t want to ask last night either… but I do really want to know.)  I left around 11:55 and ran back to my apartment, got my stuff, and ran to Levering Heights… it was my third time staying at that complex and it looks like I have one more night there tonight.

Samara came down and let me in, corrected her name, and asked the usual questions about the project: what am I doing exactly?  have I stayed outside?  how has it been so far?  I answered after letting out a long involuntary sigh and provided more information than was asked, like how I was on the 29th night and just wanted to be done.  She seemed kind of grumpy, maybe because she had to wait up to let me in or something?  I had fully expected to deal with grumpy people, but in four weeks I haven’t really had anyone else seem annoyed that I was there so I was slightly taken aback.  Most people just aren’t really sure how to deal with me and are kind of awkward because I am somehow the “expert” of sleepovers, while this is their first time having a stranger sleep on their couch.  She probably just had a long day or something… I didn’t see her this morning, so who knows?

When I went to brush my teeth the sink looked clogged, but I think it was just draining really slowly: I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t seen more of that over the course of the piece, given that I am staying entirely within the college community.  It’s a strangely vulnerable feeling to spit toothpaste into a half-full sink and have to watch it slowly swirl around and know that anyone who comes in after you is going to see it as well.  Kind of gross.

My coffee / energy drink consumption is absurd at this point… it’s actually costing me a fair bit of money just to make it through my days, which sucks.  I guess it’s probably unhealthy as well, but whatever.  I finally learned how to use my roommate’s French press, which is saving me both money and cutting down on the waste I produce (going through multiple cardboard cups a day was killing my conscience–I now carry a ceramic mug around Broad and just get espresso shots as needed, occasionally picking up a Starbucks energy drink when necessary.)  The upside would be that I can now drink my coffee black, instead of needing to order a latte or something equally lame / expensive.

I woke up at seven something (I think?) when Debi was eating breakfast and got asked the final question everyone wants to know: what am I hoping to find out?  After giving a halting I-just-woke-up answer basically saying that I’m not hoping to find anything out (yes, that’s kind of untrue… but easy), we talked about ultimate frisbee for awhile.  I guess UCLA’s A team is one of the best in the nation and the B team used to be one of the best, but didn’t do very well last year… Debi is the captain of the B team, so hopefully they’ll have a good weekend.  I had no idea the frisbee team traveled for matches, so that’s fun.  I then packed up my stuff and got going so that I could finish this and still get over to Broad at a reasonable hour.

P.S.  Knowing everyone is worrying about you is strange and unpleasant… I keep hearing stories of people talking about it when I’m not around…


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