November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008

I have no time no time no time…

My roommate just stopped me from eating meat that is possibly rotten due to our fridge being broken, so I kind of love him.  It seemed like a good idea to try and cook out the rottenness?  It had only been two days, it couldn’t have been that bad.  Would I have done this if I’d been sleeping properly?  Probably!

I am starting to worry less and less about if things will work out… maybe just because they have kind of taken care of themselves so far?  Last night I was going dancing with some friends and Jason was going to sleep around 12:30 or something so there was some worry about our schedules meshing.  Earlier in the project I would have worried about it and adjusted my schedule accordingly, but figured it would be fine.  I got back around 1:15 or something and it was fiiiiine.  Jason is a super great guy, who I’ve known through work for a few years and was actually my suitemate two summers ago.  In keeping with his ridiculously nice personality, Jason was the only person to actually call me instead of having me call him yesterday–which was slightly off putting, but a very nice reversal.  He called and said that Ashley had explained the project to him (they’re dating!) and that if I needed a place for the night, he had checked with his roommates and I could totally stay.  Yay!

Before dancing I dropped off my stuff and was told by his roommate Ethan that I had to join the facebook group of people who have slept at the apartment.  I just joined (it’s called “I’ve Stayed at Hotel Levering”) and I’m the 27th person… DAMN!  Such a cool idea…

When I got back, Keith (a friend who frequently sleeps over) and Ethan were up studying and we talked for a few before I crashed on the couch next to a paper-writing Keith.  I woke up once and had to pee, which never ever happens… I tried really hard not to wake up Keith, but am pretty sure that I did from the rustling coming from his couch.  In the morning I swear he was there one minute and gone the next, but I was also confused and thought the door to the balcony across from where I was sleeping was the front door… so I think I was just a little tired.  I actually almost went back to sleep, but luckily Jason came out and made sure I stayed up; we talked about the potluck, but it doesn’t look like he can make it.

Later in the day art-Jackie told me that this project is making me a bigger Bitch than normal, which very well might be true.  I do get annoyed much more easily and speak my mind a little more, but she also hasn’t known me very long / well before this last month–so maybe she’s just not used to how sarcastic and rude I really am?  During my independent study meeting with Hirsch (he’s always worried about me!) he brought up how doing this at the same time as school creates an interesting set of problems… which is really true and maybe wasn’t my smartest idea.  Three studios + three hours of blogging a day + no sleep = trouble!

My hips still hurt; I can barely cross my legs.  Maybe I should take some Ibuprofen?  Tonight at the Amy Sillman lecture at the Hammer was painful to sit; I also was having trouble with nodding off, even though she was incredibly charismatic and interesting.  On the way home I saw a guy I know named Brandon, who said hi… but my brain wasn’t working fast enough to say anything, so I just pointed and shook his hand.  Frustrating!  I’m staying with Ethan’s gf Debi tonight, who was also my floormate sophomore year.  Yay!

Oh, while writing this my stepdad Jon called to tell me not to stress out about any of this and that he felt I was totally on par for a 21 year old and he was enjoying the blog.  He also told me that all the parents were just expressing their love in different ways and making sure that I was okay… it was an interesting call to get from him, since we don’t talk like that too much–but I definitely appreciated it.  Hirsch also told me he had been reading the blog and that it didn’t seem like any of my parent issues have been a huge deal; I think not sleeping has made everything seem much crazier / more important?  Whoaoaoa.

I called everyone about the potluck!  I hope people come… I’m going to send out a reminder text early on Saturday…


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