November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Well, Obama is the new president and I’m pretty sure that I need to be out celebrating so I’m gonna keep this short… plus I have very little blogging time Tuesdays because of the last meal project (see below, Oct. 22, Oct. 29).  Last night I stayed with Stephanie, who is way chill (and gave me a homemade pumpkin-spice muffin on my arrival!)  I spent most of the night finishing up a paper while she avoided working on hers, to the background of amazing dance music… although I had to do it without internet.  It’s crazy how isolating it is being internetless, but at least it stopped me from distancing myself from the apartment–which had quite a few people in and out all evening.  Stephanie and I also talked about the project for awhile, along with some about our European travels over summer; it was a much needed, low-key night.

Today I talked to Hirsch Perlman about the relationship between this project and the last meals that I am serving (they will be shown together during the first week of December and should hopefully create a dialog.)  I know I have mentioned the project before, but I want to take a second to clarify: I meet with a group of the same five volunteers every Tuesday night for dinner for six weeks and each week a different participant gives me the menu of their hypothetical “last meal,” which I then cook and serve to the group.  Whoever chose the meal is also in charge of leading the dinner conversation, which is videotaped and will be edited into a cohesive whole and shown alongside the installation of these bed / couch photographs.  These two projects are acting simultaneously on my life, function somewhat as foils, and serve to enlighten my investment in both works.  Hirsch made the interesting and important point (not necessarily in these words) that paradoxically this fairly arbitrary grouping of dinner guests has actually become a more stable part of my life than my current living situation, further highlighting the pieces’ interconnection.  I will be making a few key choices that should emphasis this relationship–leaving in parts of the dinner conversation that discuss where I am sleeping next, making it clear in the installation when my host was also a dinner guest, and, most importantly, holding a potluck dinner (as opposed to a party) at the end of the thirty days (Nov. 15) in the same space that I am hosting my weekly dinners.  The temporal and social overlaps are key to both works and something that I had probably not considered thoroughly enough… I hope that this way the show will be a different experience than reading the blog or watching the last meal video, imbuing both projects with an important multiplicity.


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