October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

The connections I am seeing between people and the interconnectedness of this large social circle I am apparently a part of is really crazy.  Mario called me around eight last night to see if I was coming over for dinner… I told him that I have this last meal dinner project on Tuesdays, but asked if I could come over once I was done.  He said that was fine and that if he wasn’t around his roommates would definitely be.  When I arrived no one was answering the door, so I called Mario again, who was out and then called his roommates, and then this girl let me in.  I was pretty sure I had met her a couple years ago and that she was dating an art major named Chuck, which is how I awkwardly introduced myself.  Turns out her name is Anna, we had met before, and luckily she is still dating Chuck–avoiding an even more awkward situation.  Matt (Weiden, from a few nights ago) had told me that Mario may or may not be roommates with Chuck and Matt Sobel (art majors that I have known since my first class at UCLA), but they are in fact all living together.

I spent most of the night with Chuck, Matt, and Anna.  We did some studying (which is when I wrote yesterday’s entry), some Red Mango with their friend Brian, had a couple beers, and just hung out / got to know each other better.  Again, I don’t socialize with too many art majors outside of class so it was really nice to spend some time with Matt and Chuck not in the context of the studio.  They are great hosts and apparently have been checking the blog regularly (making it even crazier that their roommate ended up hosting me and they had no idea that I was coming.)  I have to say the highlight of the evening was probably when we “checked in,” going around the table to say what our most challenging moment of the day was, what we are most thankful for, and what we learned that day.  It was a great, albeit slightly tongue-in-cheek, way to connect.

When Mario got back with his roommate Ryan and two of their friends, I talked with them for a bit and had some scotch and lasagna with Mario.  They were also really open and happy to have me there; everyone seemed genuinely interested in both this project and my dinner project, which is always a nice surprise.  Mario is graduating next quarter, so we talked about that for awhile and how neither of us really have any idea what we’re going to do–besides find some sort of way to pay the rent.  Interestingly, Mario and Chuck are starting up a company called Homstie where people can rent out unused space in their house or apartment to people who need cheap storage and the company came up quite a bit last night (I got to see the forthcoming commercial too, which is brilliant.)  I think the environmental repercussions of such a project are really interesting and will hopefully help their success in a culture that is increasingly interested in “going green.”  Rethinking the way storage is handled and promoting a both environmentally / financially responsible policy for using unused space is pretty exciting–as are any projects that allow individuals to connect instead of just forcing them to operate through a corporation.

Matt, Chuck, Anna, and I went to sleep around two or so, as Matt, Chuck, and I had studio together at eight the next morning.  At some point Mario and Ryan came in and we all ended up piling on Chuck’s bed, which I can safely say is the most physically intimate experience I have shared with anyone up to this point in the project.  I guess later last night I started laughing to myself in my sleep… what a fun reminder of how intimate sleeping with people can be, given the removal of conscious social control.

I ended up getting a ride with Matt and Chuck this morning, which worked out pretty well and I might actually start doing regularly.  They were also excited about the possibility of having me over again soon, which I would definitely love.  Only stopping by my house to grab my backpack was kind of a jolt though, as I usually have a few minutes alone in the morning to center myself before class.  It’s definitely a part of the project and I’d much rather spend the extra time with my host if they’re willing, but it still has been throwing my day off a little bit.

I have no idea where I will be tonight, but am fully confident that Mario (possibly with the help of Matt and Chuck) will have a place for me.


One Response to “October 29, 2008”

  1. erin Says:

    this project is really exciting and interesting. but i miss talking with you!

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