October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

I don’t really have much to say about last night, despite it being my first night staying with a total stranger.  Yvette (Matt’s roommate from last year) agreed to host me, but we were both busy until late so by the time I got there she was getting ready for bed and we only talked for a minute or two.  I’m kind of bummed we didn’t get to see more of each other, as she seems like a pretty awesome person.  What struck me most by the whole situation was just that she and her roommate were totally fine giving me full access to their living room without even knowing anything about me (I guess Yvette wasn’t even sure if I was friends with Matt or not.)  I hope that I would be willing to do the same for someone in my situation, although I know I have a bad tendency to get caught up in worrying about the safety of my possessions that would likely be a hindrance.  Around three Matt called and woke me up to inform me that his phone hadn’t been working that night and to check that everything had worked out with Yvette.  It’s really interesting how some people take their responsibility for me much more seriously than others, despite me giving everyone the same instructions.

Tonight I have to work a graveyard shift (hopefully my only one for the duration of the project) and so I won’t be staying with Yvette’s choice until tomorrow night–although she has already planned it and I believe it is also someone that I don’t know, which is really exciting.  In a strange turn of events, however, I happen to be working with one of the new deskers that just got hired and I thus haven’t met yet.  Midnight to six am shifts tend to be great bonding time if you’re open to it, so I am planning on forcing myself to remain present and engaged in the spirit of the project.  It will probably take a redbull and some coffee, given that I haven’t been sleeping much lately; I’ll have the results for you tomorrow.


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