October 26, 2008

October 26, 2008

I slept eight hours last night!  It was so wonderful!  I ended up staying at my friend Andrew’s house, which was a strange throwback to junior high / early high school when we used to have sleepovers every weekend.  I went to coffee with Andrew and my other really good friend Jesika (who is also his girlfriend) around 10:30 last night, which is my pretty standard way of spending my nights when I’m home.  We talked politics, which was interesting given it was a topic that we tended to just avoid in high school.  I guess Andrew has been told he’s a bad Christian for voting no on eight, which is ridiculous… I was also informed my mom’s church is full of yes on eighters, so I’ll have to give her a call about that one.  Andrew and I then had his first legal shot at the gay bar next door, rounding out the conversation nicely.

Andrew and I got back to his house around one and talked for about an hour and a half… lately I have been seeing a ton of Jesika (she has been coming up to LA quite a bit since summer), but haven’t seen much of Andrew–especially just the two of us.  It was really nice to catch up, as it had been awhile.  Andrew is finally leaving “the OC” by transferring from Saddleback College to San Francisco State and I am so excited for him.  It should be a really good change, although he has some family commitments that might make it a bit of a challenge.  In the morning we had cereal together and he headed to Presbyterian Church of the Master (where I grew up going) for Sunday service, but I had to get home.

Location seems less important and less interesting as the project goes on.  The physicality of where I sleep isn’t terribly important anymore, just the shared experiences that are created as a result.  This is what I thought might happen, but am only now starting to actually not really care if I am on a couch in the living room / the floor of the bedroom / etc; it’s all just different ways of making meaning.

Hopefully Matt’s friend is still willing to have me over tonight… I need to give him a call about that.


2 Responses to “October 26, 2008”

  1. erin Says:

    when is andrew coming to sf state?! does that mean i’ll be seeing more of you???

  2. erin Says:

    also, the monkey was a nice touch

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