October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008

As one might be able to discern from the image, I never made it over to Matt’s.  Last night some friends from home visited and I ended up drinking more than I should have / intended to because no one really liked the whiskey sours that I made… so I finished everything that was left over.  At this point I was pretty intoxicated, but still not that bad.  A few minutes before I was planning on heading over to Matt’s, however, I took one hit from a pipe at Amanda’s (I’m kind of concerned that my parents read this blog, but figure I need to be honest) and within minutes was throwing up for the next hour or so, followed by passing out on her bathroom floor.  I don’t drink enough to get drunk very often and smoke even less than that, so last night was kind of a huge unpleasant surprise (I have definitely never drank enough to throw up before.)

Despite the fact that last night was pretty much a wash in terms of the project, I am not allowing myself to go back to sleep.  I might take a very short nap later in the day, but am essentially going to live with the two and a half hours of sleep I got last night in the hopes of maintaining some sort of conceptual integrity.  This also puts me in the awkward position of apologizing to Matt for never showing up and asking him if I can sleep over tonight; if not, I will be sleeping outside.  I am quite disappointed in myself.

UPDATE:  Matt has agreed to have me over tonight, thus continuing the flow of the project.  This makes me feel a lot better about everything.  Hoorah!


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