October 23, 2008

October 23, 2008

I was starting to nod off in senior studio today; fortunately we stopped the video and began to discuss it before I was able to actually fall asleep.  I haven’t been this constantly tired in awhile, nor have I ever consumed this much coffee before (at least one to three times a day at this point.)  I didn’t get over to John’s until three last night, but figured I would still be able to get a good night’s rest since I don’t have class until one on Thursdays.  Well we ended up talking until 4:45 or so plus I woke up a ton of times, pretty much killing my plan.  Part of it was due to the futon just being uncomfortable, the other was that I was sharing the living room with one of John’s roommate’s friends… she was on the pull-out couch next to me.  It was kind of a fun situation to be sharing this room with a total stranger that I never did meet (anonymous sleepover!), but she got up earlier than me and woke me up a few times even though she clearly tried to get ready as quietly as possible.

Aside from feeling like a total zombie all day, last night was really really good.  So far John has been the person that I have spent the least time with prior to this project, but for some reason his house was where I have felt the most comfortable.  I’ve been reflecting on why and I think that it had something to do with the way the apartment is laid out: unlike most Westwood apartments, the living room is fairly separate from the rest of the place and even has its own doors so I felt much less like I was intruding upon everyone by sleeping there.  John and I also had a really good conversation when I first got there, which was pretty sweet.  Not only did we talk about web design, drumming, traveling, the current state of cell phones, etc. but John was really open and sharing–including playing me his audition tape for the UCLA drumline.  Amazing.  John also showed me some pretty cool websites that he frequents and I’m going to share one with you because it is so crazy: http://www.instructables.com/.  People post instructions on how to make different wonderful things… I love it.  While I have been writing this, John called to tell me I’m sleeping over at Matt Weiden’s tonight.  This is kind of blowing my mind, as that is a jump from one circle of friends to another circle of friends and I had no idea that they knew each other.

Earlier today I was thinking about component #1 from yesterday’s post and how it relates to when I questioned if this project would “live up to the hype.”  When I said that I was being slightly mocking, but I think it does seriously relate to one of the ways I see my work creating physical exchanges.  Ever since I started doing “performances” I noticed that people who might not be particularly interested or invested in the visual arts love to argue about how much one can eat from a vending machine, if twenty-four hours of video game playing will effect the way one looks, etc.  This direct physical engagement with the body is something that has become an important part of my practice and I love that people seem to positively respond to and question that physicality, even projecting it onto themselves and how they might respond to whatever situation I have created for myself.


One Response to “October 23, 2008”

  1. John Says:

    Awww, dude. I forgot to tell you, you should’ve slept on the other side of the futon. The way you were sleeping on it, there must’ve been a bar like right under your back, right? Sorry about not warning you about that.

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