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October 19, 2008

October 19, 2008

I got over to Navid’s around midnight, pretty tired from the game… only to discover that everyone was studying and I had forgotten to bring my reading.  So I walked home and back again, after which Navid and I talked for awhile and did a bit of homework.  I went to sleep pretty quickly and didn’t really wake up at all–again, the open balcony situation makes for a really nice night.  I got up once one of Navid’s roommates came out at tenish.  I was originally planning on staying for breakfast, but Navid was still in his room and I couldn’t deal with the awkwardness of waking up to people I didn’t know (plus I had to get some things done before work at noon.)  I’m definitely going to do things like stay for breakfast if it’s offered, but I’m still trying to get used to this whole situation first.

Last night was the first time I have ever considered just quitting during an “endurance” piece, which is kind of disheartening after only three days.  It’s kind of terrible having to be social right up to the moment I go to sleep and starting again as soon as I wake up, plus I have to really bend my schedule to the people who are letting me sleep over.  I knew that would be the case, but it is actually pretty taxing in practice.  Of course I’m not going to quit, but it is nice that pretty much everyone knows about this project and would never let me live it down if I didn’t make it thirty days.  Since planning this, I have become aware of Tehching Hsieh’s work and I have to say that looking at all his year-long “performances” should keep me from whining too much:

I hadn’t really planned this out or anything, but I am informally deciding that I’m not allowed to go back to sleep in the morning when I get back to my apartment… because I’m tempted to do it each time.  Naps are fine, but I’m not going to go back to sleep at least until I have finished my blog entry for the day.  These things take me an incredible amount of time and I am always quite awake once I am done.

Lastly, I am frequently asked why I am doing this and I want to take a second to write down a few of my thoughts on the subject.  I am interested in the isolation frequently seen in our contemporary society and how (if at all) art can examine and/or bridge that gap–hence the use of those around me in every work I have made in the last year.  Ultimately I don’t have a goal that I am trying to achieve, just living under a different set of parameters and seeing what happens as a result.  I want to use “art” to create an active space where the arbitrary systems we have created are revealed and the possibility for change becomes feasible; process is more important than any result.  The entire work is placed in the hands of those involved, as is my own comfort… it is an exercise in trust, generosity, and uncertainty.  Hopefully it will create a dialog with / between those participating (and even those who are just watching) and it will definitely change my thinking and understanding.  It is an attempt to do something.  Before you ask, yes this was partially influenced by couch surfing; like most of my practice it stems out of things I encounter in my daily life and then seek to push in new ways.  There will for sure be more on this in the upcoming weeks, but I think looking at some of my other work would help to clarify my investment for anyone interested.

I have no idea where I’m sleeping tonight!