October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008

Amanda’s couch is amazing.  I seriously haven’t been that out in a long time… and as a result I woke up incredibly confused about where I was, which was kind of fun.  I ended up going over there after I got off work at midnight and we all went to sleep pretty quickly thereafter.  Having the living room to myself was nice, especially since the balcony doors were open and it was surprisingly pleasant to fall asleep to the sounds of a Westwood Friday night.  In the morning I went straight to the football game with Amanda and some people and only stopped by my apartment to get clothes before working six to nine tonight.

I’ve discovered that I really like looking around other people’s rooms as I’m falling asleep: I’m so used to always seeing the same things every night that it makes for a really surreal experience to be in new oddly half-lit spaces.  I’m curious if the novelty will fade in a week or two.  Regardless, I have my newest apartment!  I’ll be staying with Navid tonight, the third coworker in a row kind enough to house me!


One Response to “October 18, 2008”

  1. erin Says:

    i wish i had more insightful things to say other than the thoughts that run through my head while reading this, which usually go something like “omg, this is so exiciting!” or “cool!”
    sorry about that.
    i really like the idea of having new scenery every night, i’m excited to see where that goes.

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