October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008

The first night away was officially a success!  I went out with some friends to celebrate three twenty-firsts and then slept at Jac’s apartment when we got back (she was out with us, which made things pretty easy.)  There happened to be an open bed for the night and I am quite appreciative of getting to use it… although I may have underestimated how ridiculously hot my sleeping bag is going to be.  That may be an issue.

It wasn’t really a big deal at all (I’ve known Jac quite awhile and I was slightly inebriated) but it is definitely going to be awkward if / when it gets around to people I don’t know very well.  First, there’s the “is it time to go to sleep yet” stage.  Next, the “let’s hope I don’t creepily talk in my sleep” (which my roommate maintains I do pretty regularly) stage.  Then the “uh… it’s morning… do I just leave?” stage.  It’s all a little stressful given sleep is such a vulnerable state that we usually don’t share with many people.

It looks like Jac and her roommate Randi decided that I’m going to be sleeping at Amanda’s tonight.  This should be fine considering we’re pretty good friends as well… although there was a discussion last night about how much Jac should fuck with me, so I guess we’ll see where I end up.


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