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October 6, 2008

hi.  my name is elliott kaplan and this is my ucla art undergraduate thesis:

for this project, I will not be sleeping in my apartment for a period of exactly thirty days.  I will begin by spending the night of Oct. 15 in my room, as usual… the next day my roommate will be responsible for finding me a place (couch / floor / empty bed / etc) to sleep on.  whoever’s place I stay at that night will then be responsible for finding me a place for the next night; the process will continue until Nov. 15, when I will again sleep in my lovely bed.  each morning I will photograph where I slept and post the photograph (along with a journal entry) on this blog.  a physical installation of all the images and text will be shown in room 2140 of the Broad Art Center from [Amended Nov. 16] Dec. 1 – Dec. 5 // the opening will be Thursday Dec. 4.

rules and stipulations:

  1. [Amended Nov. 3]  I cannot sleep in the same room or apartment twice.
  2. If my host is unwilling or unable to find me a place for the next night, I will spend the night outside and choose an entirely new host the next night.
  3. If I am required to work from midnight to six am, I will sleep at work after my shift; my next location will thus be delayed by one day.
  4. Every location must be within an hour of ucla, taking into account that I must either walk / bike / bus / be given a ride.  Any location that I cannot get to or from (given these constraints) will be ignored.
  5. Personal safety will override any other artistic or aesthetic concerns.
  6. [Added Oct. 19]  I will not allow myself to go back to sleep until after I have finished my blog entry for the day.
  7. [Added Oct. 21]  Naps will be kept to a bare minimum and only used to ensure that I can adequately complete my other school-related obligations.
  8. [Added Oct. 22]  Blog entries need to remain “honest and encapsulating,” avoiding brief / trite summary.
  9. [Added Oct. 25]  I will not look up anyone on Facebook before visiting their house.
  10. [Added Nov. 2, Amended Nov. 5]  Blog entries must avoid unnecessary synopsis / relate actual concrete experiences / stop tracing complicated relationships.

thank you!